What others are saying about Brian Bohlman’s Mountain Dulcimer Instrumental Music and Videos

“Brian has a way with the gentle sounds of the ambient dulcimer….he knows intuitively how to put together some of the most soothing and mesmerizing pieces I’ve ever heard on any instrument! I’ve worked with quite a few dulcimer students over the years, but Brian is in a class all by himself. Without any formal music training, or connection to other dulcimer players or teachers, he has developed a remarkable catalog of original minimalist compositions. I look forward to hearing his music continue to evolve over the next few years!” ~ Jerry Rockwell

“When I listen to Brian’s dulcimer music I’m reminded there are those that simply play the dulcimer–just for fun–and those that search and find deeper meaning using the dulcimer as a vehicle  for transformation. Teaching Brian Dulci-meditation and getting to know him on a personal level has been a rewarding experience, and delight as he continues to unfold spiritually, musically, and beautifully. His ambient music and videos are a pure delight.” ~ Kevin Roth

“Brian, and his music, have been an inspiration to me, and a guide through a difficult year. I have had a great deal of help from family and friends, and above all, our Lord, in allowing me to continue doing what I love the most, building dulcimers. Dulcimers are magical instruments, and it is very gratifying knowing my son, David, and I have been allowed to play a part in helping Brian create his magical sounds. No matter what the need, Brian, and his music, will be there to help. Thank you, Brian.” ~Jack Ferguson, Owner, Appalachian Flutes and Dulcimers, Salem, Virginia

“I’ve just recently been introduced to Brian’s music and WOW! Brian’s compositions have such an amazing combination of soul-searching, meditative and relaxing vibes. Definitely a must have part of my play list!” ~ Chuck Moseley, Black Mountain Music Fest

“Brian Bohlman is not the typical folk style dulcimer player. He takes a non-traditional approach to playing the mountain dulcimer. His music is ethereal, relaxing, and helps to stop the mental chatter allowing you to connect with your inner peace. His music is soothing, quiets the mind and at the same time can be inspirational. Music makes a deep connection to the brain, body, and spirit, and in doing so, it influences our emotions and moods. Brian’s music is the type that uplifts this trinity of the human being.” ~ Bill Lloyd

“Finding Peace in Troubled Times…want an immediate dose of calmness? Send in the Music, LLC special guest, Brian Bohlman, provided that. As an Air Force Chaplain, Brian has found that music is a healing balm, a soothing antidote for stress. He creates an ethereal sound with his dulcimer that cuts straight to the soul and brings peace in troubled times. Thank you for sharing your music with us, Brian!” ~ Laurie Alsobrook

Safe Haven

by Brian Bohlman | Deep Reflections: Mountain Dulcimer Instrumentals


by Brian Bohlman | Restored: Mountain Dulcimer Instrumentals

Patriot Day

by Brian Bohlman | Freedom Songs: Relaxing Ambient Instrumentals

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